2020 ADANA



Dear Veteran Table Tennis Tournament Friends,

We will do our Adana Veterans Table Tennis Tournament again with your participation and support this year on 21-22 March,2020. During our tournament, we think that we will have happy moments in our beautiful city together and hope to meet again in our tournament.


          Our tournament will be held on 21-22 March,2020 by Table Tennis City Representation (Adana Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports) and Adana Table Tennis Specialization Club Association, with the contribution of Çukurova University in Sakıp Sabancı Sport and Exhibition Palace.          

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Participations Terms :


·                         The tournament is open to anyone who submits a 30 -year old ( include 1990 ) athlete license.

·                         Participation fee is 200,- TL Turkish Lira/ 35,- Euro"

·                         Competitions will be made as men-women single , men-women doubles and mixed.


Age Categories:


Single Men             :  30-39(VH)*,40-49, 50-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79,80+

Single Women        :  30-39(VH)*,40-49, 50-59, 60+

Double Men            :  30-39(VH)*, 40-49, 50-59, 60-64, 65-69,70+

Double Women    :  30-49, 50+

Mixed                      :  30+


       *VH: Veteran Preparation Category


Note : There must be at least 4 players in any group. It is combined with the lower/ upper group if there fewer players.Participants compete in their own age categories in indiviual categories, also they compete in the age category of the young partner in the couples. There will be no third match. The first one in the categories will be given a trophy. The first, secod and third ones will be given a medal, medals will be given to the first ones in the consolation matches.







        Accommodation Information :


 Park Royal Hotel Luxury (****) (http://www.parkroyaladana.com/)

 Single room 160.-T L /25. -€, Double or Twin room (2 person) 210.-TL/ 35.-€.

 Hotel desk clerk : Sabahat Doğangüneş, +90(322) 363 53 53

 Internet and tea in the lobby are free.

 E-mail: parkroyal@parkroyaladana.com

 20 rooms are reserved by now.


Mavi Sürmeli Hotel (****) (http://www.mavisurmeli.com.tr)

Single room 170.-TL,/ 28.-€, Double/Twin Room (2 person) 240.-TL, 54.-€.

Hotel desk clerk : Onur İşisağ, 0533 597 1649, +90(322) 363 34 37

E-mail: onur@mavisurmeli.com.tr

Internet, sauna ve fitness are free

60 rooms are reserved by now.


        Ramada Hotel &Suites(****) (http://www.ramadaadana.com/)

Single room 200,-TL, /35.- €, Double /Twin room (2 person) 260. –TL, 45.-€.

        Hotel desk clerk : Hülya Polat, +90(322) 455 05 85 - 0549 278 78 61

            E-mail: reservation@ramadaadana.com

Internet, sauna ve fitness are free.

40 rooms are reserved by now.


 Divan Hotel  (*****) (https://www.divan.com.tr/divan-adana/tr)

Single room 260.-TL. /41.-€, Double/Twin Room(2 person) 340. -TL, 54.-€

Hotel desk clerk : +90(322) 342 17 00

E-mail: sales.adana@divan.com.tr.

 SPA and Minibar are free.

10 rooms are reserved by now.




Airport Transfer :


For group arrival, an airport-hotel-airport transfer service is available.

         2 persons        :   20. -TL /   8.-€

         4 persons        :   80. -TL / 12 -€

         4-18 persons   : 120.-TL /  20.-€


It is also possible to organize trips to other provinces for those who wish.

       Artuk Tourism - Oktay Artuk : 0 532 655 98 97 (http://adanaartuktour.com/)

       E-mail:  oktay@adanaartuktour.com


      Opportunities to Participants :


·                         Adana Kebab service is free of charge on Saturday and Sunday at lunchtime.(Hasan Usta Kebap will be established by Ocakbaşı)

·                         T-shirt(name of the participant will be written) , certificate of participation and various promotions

·                         During tournament, cezerye,ring sweet, turnip water, corn, water, tea and coffee are free

·                         Free transportation from hotel to hall, for who stay at hotel

·                         %10 discount for dinner in hotels

·                         There will be a free city tour at 12.00 p.m. in front of the gym on Saturday and Sunday


  Tournament Program :


08.15    :  Moving from the hotel and registering to the tournament,

09.30    :  Opening ceremony and photo shoot,

10.00    :  Start of matches,

The start time of the matches on Sunday is 09.00 a.m


The order of playing matches;  it is determined as single men, single women, double men, double women and mixed. According to the number of participants in the categories, it is planned to start all the categories at the same time in accordance with the distribution of the tables.


Note: For the participants who want to work out, the hall will be open on Friday, March 20, from 17.00 to 19.00. 


Contact, application and registrations :


Detailed information about the tournament can be found on the Adana Table Tennis Specialized Club website (www.adanamasatenisi.org)


Participation and registration must be made until 17.00 on 13 March,2020 and the participation fee must be deposited to the following account of the Adana Table Tennis Specialization Club Association as a donation.


       Ziraat Bankası Adana Stad Branch,

IBAN: TR74 0001 0012 3138 0758 8450 01

Branch Code: 1231,  Account Number: 38075884 – 5001






Important Note:

1) Due to the high demand,  the records are limited to 350 people.


2) The names of participant who have completed the registration process until 17.00 on Saturday 29.02.2020 will be written on their t-shirts. Anonymous t-shirt will be given to those who register after 29.02.2020. (It is important that name, surname and body size information are given correctly and completely as no changes can be made)


       Your registrations;


1 - By clicking on the website of the Adana Table Tennis Specialized Club (http://www.adanamasatenisi.org/basvuru.html)


2- By sending name- surname, province, year of birth, e-mail adress, mobile phone anf T-shirt body information to (masatenisiadana@gmail.com) address,


3-You can make a call by calling the phones below our announcements.


Hotel reservations will be made directly by the participants. If it is necesarry, help is provided by the tournament secretaries.


·                      Kemal SAĞ,               Chairman of the Tournament Committee.

                                              Mobile phone  : 0532 213 61 71

                                             e-mail  : masatenisiadana@gmail.com  (for tournament)

                                             e-mail  : kemalsag1@gmail.com  (for private conversation)                              


·                   Dr. Ali TÜREMİŞ,   Chairman of the Adana Table Tennis Specialization Club

                                          (Provincial Representative)


                                          Mobile phone   : 0 533 592 87 57

                                          e-mail : masatenisiadana@gmail.com  (tournament)     

                                          e-mail : alituremis@gmail.com  ( private conversation)                     


·                   Burcu KOCAER,  Tournament Secretary


                                          Mobile phone   : 0 544 562 23 72

                                          e-mail  : masatenisiadana@gmail.com


We invite all Veteran Table Tennis Lovers to our tournament and wish them success.                                              


                                                                                                                                              Kemal SAĞ


Chairman of the Tournament Committee